Cinema Works is a small team of artists that specialize in corporate and wedding cinema. We are fun and very flexible to work with and located in Toronto, Ontario. We have also been lucky enough to make contacts with other great studios around the world and film in many places local, and internationally.

Our main goal is to break the stereotypes of traditional wedding and corporate videography by creating something new and exciting. We bring a whole new meaning to the word videographer and tell stories in such a more professional and engaging manner.

It's the details and effort that really set us apart. Every couple and client is different from the last. We make every effort to make a film that really reflects you and what you want to convey.

We understand you may have a lot of options to choose from when selecting a production company. Cinema Works is a perfect alternative from the many Broadcasters and Videographers out there. We have a very professional and cinematic approach which can help any business with advertising or any couple who want a wedding film they can cherish forever.

Due to the amount of work and effort we put into every project, we only accept 8 weddings a year and a small number of corporate clients per year. Please contact us as soon as possible for availability, as dates always fill up fast. 

We love to travel to capture your story.

We love to travel to capture your story.


Jordan Presseault

Owner, Lead Cinematographer & Editor


After interning during college with one of the top film companies in the world for wedding cinema, and filming and editing for a year with an Emmy Award winning production company in Toronto, Jordan’s passion for storytelling and a keen desire to elevate the standard of videography available in the North prompted him to start his own business in his hometown of North Bay, Ontario. In the two short years since creating his one-person operation, Cinema Works Entertainment, word of the distinctiveness and calibre of Jordan’s work has spread, and has resulted in requests for his film, editing and directing services on projects across Canada as well as in such exciting locales as Italy, New York, Los Angeles and Miami. 

Working most recently with the national broadcast show The Indspire Awards (formerly the National Aboriginal Achievement Awards), Jordan, himself of Algonquin descent, has travelled from coast to coast to coast in Canada, collecting and telling the stories of outstanding Aboriginal achievers. A particularly inspiring experience for Jordan entailed filming award nominee James Eetoolook, a key player in the negotiation of the Nunavut Land Claims Agreement that reshaped Canada, who brought Jordan and his camera on a -40 degree Celsius seal hunt in the Arctic in the fall of 2013.

His exceptional ability to create emotionally impactful stories has led Jordan to specialize in wedding cinematography. A true artist, Jordan successfully captures and conveys the intimate subtleties of each couple’s special day in a way not seen with traditional videography. This unique talent and the ensuing referrals have already landed Jordan assignments as far away as Capri, Italy; as well as projects with higher profile Canadian clients such as the Canadian Football League’s Andy Fantuz and his wife.       

Open and free access to industry-standard equipment and technologies during his time at Canadore allowed Jordan to work on extra projects and build a substantial portfolio of work over and above his required assignments. The breadth of the skills taught in his program has since allowed Jordan to easily transition into many different roles in the industry, from directing to post production. 

The experience Jordan gained during his college internship with international award-winning cinematographer Ray Roman Films affirmed his passion for the art of storytelling and has directed the course of his career ever since.  

With his unique style and access to the latest equipment and technologies, Jordan has introduced a new standard of film making in northern Ontario and is helping to level the playing field for the region in the industry. 

A brilliant storyteller, Jordan is also revolutionizing the genres of corporate and event videography in Canada.

At only 28, his skills in directing, filming and editing are being sought by companies across North America as new technologies and innovations increase competition across the industry.